Trainings for AY 20-21

(i) Unlock now (JC B. Uvaraj)

(ii) Strength and balance (Mrs.DoraJacob)

                          Working on your balance, or stability, won’t just make you look more graceful in the weight room. “Improving balance is important for overall fitness and everyday activities simply because it increases overall movement function,”. Any workout move you do requires some level of balance—to even just walk you need to have basic balancing abilities.  

(iii) Improving Vyadhikshamatwa (immunity) (Smt. H. C. RAGINI)  

                             The word means to be patient towards resist the disease. Vyadhikshamatva was first defined by chakrpani in a very scientific manner in terms of Vyadhibalavirodhatvam- Capacity of the body to fight against the manifested diseases (natural immunity) and Vyadhiutpadpratibandhkatvam- Capacity of the body to not allow to produce disease or pathogenesis Vyadhikshamatva denotes the resistance power of the body or defense of body against first occurrence of any disease. Also in second term it indicate that if body once is being encountered by some disease, it will not allow the disease to be manifested because of possessing a specific resistance power.  In this training  Smt.H.C.RAGINI  trained our teachers in improving our immunity which is more suitable considering the current situation prevailing around us.

(iv)  Detail of the training.
                                             Diksha         325
                                             Nistha.        113
                                             CBSE.          325